War Until Reaching A Complete Victory In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash. “Love of Others”: I look at a small point called the love of others and I think about it: What can I do in order to help the society. It’s because when I look at the society, I see the sufferings of the individual, illness and pain and also the general sufferings, which means wars among the nations. There is nothing I can give other than a prayer and this is called “feeling sorry for the public.”

People in our world understand that when times are hard we usually help one another in different ways. We host people who have to leave their homes; we send help and essential products in order to ease the life of people who find themselves in extreme conditions. Everyone understands that we have to feed those who are in trouble and to give them a place to sleep and to support them. That’s the way it is in every culture throughout history, among all the nations.

Kabbalists have a different approach to this. This doesn’t mean that they disqualify the ordinary mutual help. We see that throughout history, even from the time of Abraham and the other forefathers that they invited guests and how important the idea of hospitality was for them, both in the corporeal and in the spiritual sense.

But the question is what should we do if we are under a constant threat, like we feel these days, and on the whole throughout history. If we think logically it turns out that there is no chance that Israel can succeed here, surrounded by enemies whose only desire is to erase us from the surface of the earth.

How can we, despite all this, go on living on this land under this constant threat, till when? From a logical perspective it is impossible and perhaps we should build our state somewhere else, like it was once suggested in Uganda?

But the only thing that can help us is what Kabbalists tell us about the place from which the world develops and about the spiritual message, about the upper force that is connected to us and that is with us. We work in connection with it, in one direction and can thus change our fate.

First we should understand that everything that is happening was given to us as assistance. Then it will be clear that we have to work in this place and only here, under these special conditions can we advance and fulfill the goal of creation. It isn’t by chance that we are in such a hostile environment, but according to a certain goal according to the upper plan.

The small point of love of others Rabash speaks about is the spark in us. We have to arrange this spark, to reinforce it, to support it, and to aim at attaining our source, our root. Thus we will be able to fulfill the thought of creation for all the nations.

So our role, with all the difficult conditions that the upper force presents us with, is to respond correctly, inclined to connection, unity, and mutual guarantee,until we attain the state of “love thy friend as thyself.” Eventually the whole world will join this love as it says “and all the nations shall flow to Him,” and by that we will fulfill the thought of creation.

All this is attained by prayer, which means by our work in the heart.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/12

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