Why Can’t The People Of Israel Be Like Everyone Else?

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpecial Edition: Events in Southern Israel

As a result of thousands of years of development, humanity has come to a turning point. Today, the world does not know where to go and yet, it has to rise to a new level.

The global crisis marks a special process. It is not just a change of economic paradigm—there is nothing to replace it with. No one can or will be able to invent anything. For a while we will continue to survive on the crumbling foundation; however, the theory of Adam Smith, who stood at the origins of modern capitalism, is nearing the end. Socialist distribution of essential goods will help to delay the inevitable, but in principle, the middle class is disappearing, and the western standard of living will fall very quickly.

There is no real answer. And here comes the turn of the people of Israel, on whose behalf I will speak. Today we have to tell the whole world about mutual guarantee, unity, and global humanity in a global world. It is the imperative of nature, and it’s high time we realized that its laws are binding. The time has come, and we have the key. After all, only we have the knowledge of Kabbalah.

It is not about the success of this or another military operation. We must get to the root of the problem and unite around its solution. It is in our hands. Let’s rebuild ourselves properly; and as soon as we begin to unite, we will immediately notice positive results. It’s not simply a psychological game—thereby we evoke the inner forces embedded in us. We will suddenly become imbued with a special feeling towards the people, the country, security, and ourselves, and it will be a very profound, fundamental, and strong feeling we have never experienced before.

The people of Israel will never be able to become like other nations. No matter how much we tried, nothing came out of it. On the contrary, by their approach to us, nations constantly demonstrate that we are not like others. On the whole, there are two possibilities: Either they control us, or we control them. Israel will never be treated equally.

Let’s look at things simply: We are the ideological center of the world. We have laid the foundations of religions and approach to life, which can be seen on the examples of ancient and medieval philosophers who write that everything originated from the wisdom of Kabbalah, from our teaching. Subconsciously, the world has always treated us like some kind of basis. It began from the time of Abraham, although we do not feel this historical thread.

So, the choice is simple:

  • Either other people rule over us because we have lost our foundation, and we have nothing to give them;
  • Or we give them the basic platform, the path, and the goal—of course, only in the ideological sphere—and then our idea rules the world.

This “rule” of the people of Israel means that nations adopt this message of unity, especially now, when the time has come to implement the method of correction, unity, and mutual guarantee around the world. It is said: “Everyone will know Me, from the youngest to the oldest,” “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples,” “and all nations shall flow unto it.” Today, when we face the general crisis, the solution must also be universal. And the need for it will be focused around us more and more.

Accordingly, if we do not rise with our solution above everyone, they will come and oblige us by force. Of course, this happens unconsciously, as a consequence of human development and inevitable evolution, and no one understands the nature of processes. But in any case, either they will make us complete our task by the path suffering, or we will rise and show, explain everyone what to do. There is nothing to fear because this force in particular leads to success.

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