A Call From The Epicenter Of Confrontation Between Forces

Dr. Michael LaitmanA letter from the south of Israel: “The situation is such that we could not get together today for a lesson, and we had to stay at home with the kids because at any moment the siren could sound. But our desire to be in the classroom with the rest of the world group is huge! How can we make it so that we have this desire constantly and not only under the threat of missiles?”

Answer: We are all together in the same union. We know from the wisdom of Kabbalah that thus we awaken the upper forces hidden in nature. We hope that in this way we will be able to resolve this confrontation. Our unity should have an impact on the overall connection, first of all in Israel, at the epicenter of the opposing forces, and then in the entire world, where there is a collision of these two forces that cause crises, hurricanes, natural disasters, and riots in Europe.

And that is why all our friends around the world should feel a great responsibility. Those who have the point in the heart must unite and lead the world to correction. No one but us understands what is happening in the world and sees the true inner reasons behind all the decisions, the acting forces and intentions.

It is known that the “hearts of the rulers and kings are in the hands of the Creator,” and that is why only us, who belong to Yashar – Kel, that is, “striving straight to the Creator,” are able to make correction. It does not matter how many thousands of kilometers separate one friend from another, a group from a group. If we unite for one goal, one force through the Internet, we are definitely together.

Some are now sitting in bomb shelters in southern Israel, others are at the center, in different parts of the country, or around the world, but we all have to feel huge connection between us at the spiritual level that draws towards us the Light that Reforms. We will strive so that the upper Light realizes our unity.

And after the Light is revealed within this connection and helps us to make clarifications and correction, we will reach an absolutely good state. We hope to bring the world to this.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/16/12, “Peace in the World

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