Rapid Movement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It seems that along the process of the integral game, there will be people who will be easily impressed and who will suddenly say: “Oh, I have entered the general state of mind, and now I will teach all of you.”

Answer: In an integral group there cannot be leaders. Everything we discuss is according to the guidance of the moderator. This is one thing.

Second, a person who truly attains the upper world becomes softer and even more concealed. He never speaks about abstract matters; he can tell you jokes or joke about other subjects, but on the whole jokes are a distraction from the truly serious matters, since he is actually in them himself and he doesn’t reveal this.

Question: I am talking about later stages of the game, if we imagine humanity playing the game for 10-20 years …

Answer: First, we don’t play for such a long time since on the way, the recognition of the connection and unity in the group takes place within a couple of days up to a week, it is a very fast movement.

So if humanity begins to deal with it, then within several days the world will totally change. You cannot even imagine that!

People will gladly go where they are told to: to arrange something, to work somewhere. They won’t need anything that is redundant. They will become rational in their attitude to themselves and to the world, to a reasonable, normal way of life.

The main thing is the feeling of connection and unity that gives a person an upper spirit, a mind.
From KabTV’s “Talks with Michael Laitman,” 03/10/12 

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