Make A Wish And It Comes True!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we ask a child what he wants, there will always be some little person that hasn’t yet been tormented by life that will answer: “I want to be a magician!” After all, our problem is in the fact that we lost the ability to want a lot and with great power. Life has beat us down, made us small, made us suffer, survive, and to wish for nothing more than to stop suffering.

Answer: Throughout our whole lives all we do is try to get rid of suffering instead of obtaining true fulfillment, pleasure and attainment. This is something we are lacking. We are overwhelmed by our existence. This is an enormous misfortune for humanity. A person who comes to this realization understands that living this way is meaningless.

Does life have meaning in a different form? When a person asks this question then possibly he begins to see some way out.

Reply: If you ask a child what it means to be a magician, he will say: “I’ll make a wish and it will come true.”

Answer: A person can achieve this. And as a result of our development, we must achieve it!

But despite the fact that it can be difficult, it’s not so easy to escape from the corporeal life and to become involved in a different attainment, in ascending and changing your view of the world; it is, however, within each and everyone’s power. Basically nature is pushing us all to become magicians.

A magician is someone who makes a wish and then makes it come true or attains it on his own. You wished for it and got it!

That is when you begin to comprehend nature, its eternity and perfection, and then you don’t simply imagine getting a house by the lake, a yacht, and so on, but you understand what to desire!

First you stop desiring something material; it doesn’t bring you fulfillment, you instantly elevate to the next level. For this reason we are no longer talking about animal or general human fulfillments in our world.

A person instantly elevates to a different level, a level of attainment. He becomes interested in the harmony of nature and he becomes fulfilled by seeing the picture of forces that govern us, how they arouse us and lead us forward.

This is the kind of desires that arise in a person. I’m not saying that everyone possesses these desires to begin with. They arise in a person that is truly interested in the meaning of life and wishes to become a magician. That is, to become a magician, you must take this giant apparatus, this governing system into your hands.

When you begin to see and to comprehend the system, then you truly begin to become fulfilled by its harmony. This is the highest pleasure! To this degree you become closer, become included in the system and sense its eternity and perfection. You no longer associate yourself with the perishable animal body because you no longer exist on the animal level, but you exist on the “Human” level. Your body can die, but you attain entirely different desires and you exist in them.

No desires remain in a person that can’t be realized. If they are directed in accordance with the general system of nature then they will surely be fulfilled. These desires are one’s that are aimed toward love and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Talks with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/11/12 

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