Two For Creating A Family?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: All seven billion people and all the levels of nature (still, vegetative, and animate) need to enter the common integral system. But the family provides for a form of relationship where there is a man and a woman, and then they have children. What is the special nature of this relationship?  Why is it that precisely two people participate in creation of a family?

Answer: This stems from our inner roots because there are two opposing forces in the world: the force of bestowal and the force of reception. Moreover, both reception and bestowal have within them the opposite properties: The property of reception contains the property of bestowal, and the property of bestowal has the property of reception, and this is why they are able to mutually influence each other and combine together into various shades of interactions.

For this reason, in our world there is division into male and female, the average is not an option. Of course, in nature we can observe all kinds of transitions in various primitive animals: frogs, say, can change their gender depending on the developmental needs of their community.

But in principle, the more advanced the nature, the greater the divide between those who must connect as a couple for procreation, since the collection of properties in male and female individuals needs to be sufficiently opposite. After all, in combination with each other they should provide the opportunity for combinatorics to develop adequate diversity, species richness, properties, qualities, and individuals who would be able, through their continuing mutual interactions in all kinds of cross-transactions, to develop in such a way as to reveal all the properties of nature. This is a cardinal tenet of nature. The connections between the sexes, and even between the species, are directed precisely towards that.

The fact that we need to feed ourselves inanimate, vegetative, and animal food pertains to this as well. Moreover, we consume “human food” too, only not in form of a meal as such, but in form of energy, thoughts, and mutual inclusions, that is, in the form of us serving each other.

In this manner, the interaction doesn’t happen simply between the sexes, but is realized constantly and continuously between all parts of nature, on all of its levels.

Therefore it’s not enough to reduce everything to the fact that the male and female unite and produce offspring. In reality, nature includes in itself the integral interconnection of all levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and the human levels of desires and properties.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 7/8/2012

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