Relating To My Other Half

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should I see my other half to realize the integral principle in our relationship?

Answer: Both mutually rise above our egoism in each other, until you find such a point of tangency where you are one common whole. This is called “Adam” from whom through the means of splitting, man and woman occurred. In general, the “biblical” Adam is an integral structure, a “unisex” system. There is no woman and no man in it. Subsequently, this system has broken apart into two parts in order to reveal the complete set of their opposite qualities in the most maximum form.

This maximum opposition is what is being revealed today, since we can no longer be together in any kind of relationships. This can be seen in the flourishing of various kinds of unusual, unnatural types of sex, from the impossibility of being able to exist together, and from the ease and corruptness of connections, and so on. This means that we have arrived at a state where we have to begin to restore the structure of Adam from its complete opposition.

This is a very good state, similar to how a child is given a completely disassembled building block set or a puzzle so that he can assemble it together. It’s from this assembly that we’ll attain ourselves, nature, the Creator, and it’ll be clearer to us who we are and where we exist. In the end, we’ll attain the internal part of the world, its concealed force, current, plan, and we’ll be able to reveal for ourselves a completely different level of the universe, eternity, and perfection. All of this is possible. This is evidenced by science today.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 7/8/12

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