Barbarism In The Modern World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When you say that man behaves as a barbarian, can you give an example so that it’ll be clear where barbarism is apparent between us?

Answer: Barbarism is apparent in the fact that we are using our egoism almost without any constraint. We love to brag about unimportant things such as wealth, power, and fame. A person’s cultural level, his internal wealth, his spiritual goal is not important to us, all of that has completely died out.

Culture has been dead for half a century ago and even more; it was buried by the two world wars. And we simply boast of our business, money, power, and fame. We think that this is a good example for the new generation growing up, that the man who is worthy of respect is one who can subjugate others to his control. After all, fame is also a kind of subjugation, just like power and money.

We have raised these three “values” into the ranks of absolute values and man lives for the sake of them. It turns out that the goal of life is in the obtainment of these three goals, if they can even be called a word such as “goal” at all.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 7/8/12

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