From The Teacher To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do a lot of people complain about your unbearable character? Are you always like this, with everyone and in everything?

Answer: I’ll try to “explain myself.” Kabbalah formulates our task for existence in this world as “Efforts and findings” (Igati ve Matsati). Meaning, the application of the correct efforts leads to a finding, to one’s revelation of the Creator’s benevolence (Metsiyat hen be’eyney HaShem), to reveal the love of the Creator. This revelation (of the currently concealed relationship of the Creator towards each one) happens to the extent of qualitative comparison (similarity of qualities, Ishtavut aTsura).

So, there are two types of relationships of the teacher towards the student:

  • The teacher always acts toward the student softly, gives the student time to develop, not indicating the mistakes.
  • The teacher acts towards the student in an instructing way, as the Creator. However, the instruction of the Creator is concealed, while a teacher demonstrates it in order to direct the student based on the example of the relationship between them onto the correct understanding of the relationship between the student and the Creator. This helps the student to more quickly understand what it means to find benevolence, how to draw attention from the relationship towards the teacher to address the Creator, to attain the “finding.”


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