Summit Rio +20: Failed Expectations

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Laurence Brahm, lawyer, global activist, international mediator, political columnist and author): “The UN Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20 held June 20-22 was intended to reaffirm political commitments made during the Earth Summit of 1992, and to frame a roadmap of principles to address climate change, food and water security, and the crisis of our global financial system. In the months leading to Rio+20 anticipation of some positive outcome was high. There was some reason for hope.

“UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon himself had declared, ‘We need to invent a new model — a model that offers growth and social inclusion — a model that is more respectful of the planet’s finite resources.  That is why I have made sustainable development my number one priority.’

“But unfortunately, that is not what happened at Rio.

“The truth is Rio+20 failed us. Executive director of Greenpeace, Kumi Naidoo summed it up. ‘The Rio Earth Summit will not bring about the Future We Want, it will provide a stark and distressing reminder of the present we have. A world in which public health, human rights and sustainable development are subordinate to private profit, shallow national interest and business as usual.’…

“Rio+20 was a UN orchestrated theatre aimed to give people hope that global leaders can construct a framework to assure our planet’s future. For those on the ground it was just the opposite, underscoring political inability and lack of will to address financial crisis, poverty, income gap widening, food and water security, and imminent disasters of unmitigated climate change. …

“In the corridors and streets activists and youth recognized that the problems of our planet are not in trying to create more consumption, but rather in over consumption.”

My Comment: Reducing production and saving will solve nothing! This is only the next mistake of humanity, distracting it from the only solution: to correct its egoistic nature, to unite like all parts of nature, but consciously, according to the level of “man” (speaking).

Since our egoism (help against you, the Pharaoh, approaching the Creator) must lead us to correction, then it will not let us reach agreement at any conference, and this will push us so that we will not remain in it, in exile, but we will be forced to come out of it (our Egypt).

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