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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is a method of treatment in which two expert psychologists, a man and a woman, work with a married couple, and thus mutual cooperation is created between the two couples. How does this look to you? Would it be worthwhile to begin the work in integral education specifically in small groups like this?

Answer: No. I think that first of all, we need to separate them, but not in different groups. We need to attain a situation in which each one of us is a separate egoist and now we rise to a community, where there are no married couples, nothing. There is only our mutual “me” with 10-15 participants. It doesn’t matter how many.

And afterward, in the way that we connected together and understood that this is the reason we rise, and for this we exist, and now let’s see how is it possible to make a group like this in the family and to always be included in it?

This is to say, it seems that the family exists not in order to mutually support obtaining food, in reproduction, in supporting the family home, which is all at a basic level, but in order to support each other in spiritual ascent in spite of all our contradictions. We have enough of them, and we are thankful that they constantly appear, since thanks to them, we are able to realize the spiritual growth.

But this will happen when we are rid of all our present problems. When we are able to find our mutual integration, we will understand that in fact our family is in a wonderful state. This means that we were given opportunities for very fast and endless advancement. Let’s now just continue in each family what we did in the group.

Question: In order to perform this work, do we, in any case, group these people together or not?

Answer: When we collect a few married couples in a group, then first of all, we conduct a preliminary conversation with them, which should give them psychological guidance so that they will stop feeling that they are couples. One needs to “dismantle” their relationship, and raise them above themselves and create community, a group.

After a group has been created and all the material absorbed, everyone understands that only in this way is it possible to solve problems. Since a wife and husband, is also a group. So, try now to go down to your corporeal level and begin to raise your problem or simply not to awaken it. And try from this moment to solve each problem and even the smallest as a means of strengthening your bond, above you.

In this way, you send them on a liberating voyage, in that you give them the feeling of unity and a system of rising above all the problems.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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