The Aim: Integral Unity!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we concentrate on now? Where should we direct our efforts? I mean dissemination and the group work.

Answer: In group work, we should direct our efforts to our workshops on Sundays.

On the other days, there must be at least some classes. I see that there are groups that study seriously. A lesson, in general, is organized and directed towards unity. Practically, the entire course material speaks about this. Even in The Study of the Ten Sefirot, it is speaking about unity, about the connection of souls between themselves. Everything that is described there is only the connection of souls in a single system.

Besides that, we have begun to create courses for training lecturers of the “Mutual Guarantee” movement, that is, lecturers for the 99%. They will become leaders and organizers of workshops, round tables, etc. Today, already around 300 people are ready, and new people are being added; a new wave is coming.

In our country [Israel], we have reached a point where we are invited as permanent lecturers and education consultants in schools, workplaces, city halls, and other places.

I think that within a few months, we will come to a point when the experts, prepared by us, will be able to start working in various organizations. In any case, we are approaching such a state when no business can operate if it’s not internally re-organized and people are not correctly connected with each other into a small integral community. Nothing will work without this!
From “Questions About the Workshops” 5/27/12

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