Feeling Everyone Without Exception

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the workshop, should we think about those groups who are not on the screens?

Answer: No. It’s not necessary; it’s distracting! How much can you think about others? You need just to feel them and that’s all!

We have to feel that they are with us, that we are together in one thought, in one spiritual space.

Spiritual space is the space of thoughts and feelings, the heart and mind, the information layer around our world. We are all together in it because we have one mind, one senses the same goals.

What would the image of the people on the screen give me? What for do I need to see faces and bodies or to read that it’s Krasnoyarsk, Tallinn, or any other city? What is the difference where they sit? I feel the desires that come to unity and thus form a huge common desire: This is the most important thing.
From “Questions About the Workshops” 5/25/12

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