On The Crest Of The Protest Movements

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we do so that our quiet voice, the drop in the ocean, will be heard as loudly as possible so that the drops will become streams and people will finally hear us?

Answer: I think that we have to be on the crest of the protest movements, because the government studies them and is afraid of them. If we take our place in this protest movement and rise above everyone by showing them and convincing them that the solution is not to destroy, rob, break shop windows and set fire to shops, then first, the government will see us as a positive factor and second psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, and others will study this phenomenon. We have to enter these protest movements and act in parallel by showing everyone our ideology, our method.

I hope that with the power of the great protest movements and their millions we will become known.

Of course, the protest movements themselves don’t want to use the gentle methods that we offer, but on the other hand, they have no method of their own—robbing banks like the Bolsheviks or the French during the revolutions?

So how can we act? If these are free democratic counties, we should use the parliamentary systems and ask them to vote for one member or another, since the protests on the street have never really led to anything.

The point is that there is a totally different picture here. If at any time the protest movements were a kind of a catalyst of social, economic and socio-political processes, today they cannot do anything because we’ve reached a state that has no place to be catalyzed.

The government cannot do anything. You can’t push it to make any decisions. It can cut the political pie a little differently to throw you some small handout, to buy the leaders of the protest movements, or some other such action; there are many methods they can use here.

The main thing is that neither the government nor the protest movements can offer anything that is real, even if it isn’t ripe yet so that the movements will lead us faster to a point where something new is born. Here nothing can be born. So they understand that except for shouting, “Give me!” There is nothing they can do and the government has nothing to take and to give.

We’ve reached a state in which all the countries are deep in debt. Where will they take from? There aren’t enough funds to give to everyone. What does it mean to share? It means to cut spending on other needs. Suppose the officials steal, okay, so they give out what they steal. Even if you put them in jail, take what they stole, and suppose that from now on no one will steal; it won’t change anything. I am not talking about corruption in certain countries, but about normal democratic countries. No matter how you calculate the budget, nothing will help, because we are in such a state that people are being fired from their jobs since they are not needed. There is no need for them!

It isn’t just another crisis that can be overcome, like in the past, by introducing new technology or by war. We understand that today this isn’t the solution to the problem. Therefore, we don’t take the role of advocating cutbacks, but the role of the teachers, teaching the source of the solution that no one has.

This means that we should show the general population that they don’t have a solution. We see what is happening with the protest movements: Their attempts to make seemingly positive changes lead to the opposite results after a while. What is more, it happens every time. So it’s better not to do anything. When the state tries to help and begins to look for reserves and give people more, eventually it leads to higher prices and to even greater imbalance.

No one has a solution, and we only need to constantly, persistently, and stubbornly offer our method until it is heard—the method according to which a person will change by himself and become an integral part of the integral society. Then we will be able to balance ourselves, society, and nature and will reach general harmony.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/21/12

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