Light That Is Dressed In Simpler Words

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to dress Kabbalistic principles in simpler ordinary words so that everyone will be able to accept them and to agree with them?

Answer: It is clear to a person who studies Kabbalah that connection is vital since there was the “shattering of the vessels” and now we are trying to glue the pieces back together. So we draw upon us the Light of correction AB-SAG, the Light that Reforms, which connects us. The upper Light, the Creator, is revealed in this restored, corrected vessel.

The whole process is clear. We are trying to connect and see that we cannot and then we ask the Surrounding Light for help and it connects and fills us by turning from Surrounding Light into Inner Light.

The question is how is it possible to explain all this to every person so that he or she could understand it? I say that we have to connect above our questions.

Never throughout our history have we acted correctly. But if we connect we become “one family” in which everyone loves one another and we are considerate of the needs of others.

Now, within the connection that we’ve attained, we look at everyone and see that there are different layers, different parts of our society, that demand more attention: the elderly, children, young couples, single mothers, and the poor who simply live in poverty, and there are the rich. Only thanks to the connection will we discover how it is possible to distribute the resources correctly.

Now there are the people’s representatives sitting at the “roundtables” so let’s see how we can first of all attain unity. Then we will somehow distribute our general pie. If we do that from our connection and love, there will not be any complaints. Society will be united and consolidated, aiming at goodness and optimism, satisfied and peaceful.

We can explain all this without mentioning “the Light that Reforms.” Although it is understood that the Light performs all the good changes, people don’t need to know that. The Light will reach them through the Kabbalists who are among us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/20/12, “Workshop”

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  1. so hard a task, my heart is with you if you all mean well.

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