A System For The Injection Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the forefathers were corrected and the sons reached mutual guarantee, for whom was the Torah, the method, actually given? For whom is it intended, Israel or the nations of the world?

Answer: The Torah was undoubtedly meant for the nations of the world. It says that the Creator turned to seventy nations and offered them the Torah, but none of these egoistic desires—ones that don’t have the spiritual spark, that aren’t able to correct themselves by keeping in contact with the Light, and that cannot respond to it correctly—were able to receive it. The “matter” of the desire to receive cannot understand the process of the ascent and the change brought about by the Light if it doesn’t have that spark.

So, how can the spark be inserted? For that, there is another system called “the people of Israel,” without which it is impossible to turn to the egoistic desire and start working with it. Even billions of years of evolution will not help if there is no spark of the Light inside the ego. The inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature cannot rise; they are kinds of desire that cannot do it.

However, there is one kind of desire Israel that desires to be Yashar El (straight to the Creator). The entire world recognizes the fact that it is different and hates it without even knowing why.

The children of Israel, in their turn, discover that they are different, although they try to be like everyone else. There are even those who believe that it is another race, and there is a grain of truth in this assumption, although it is on a different level.

Our entire history proves that there is something special here, a special, natural phenomenon. Accordingly, the hatred that the nations of the world feel is also a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing we can do about it. Even those who have never been in contact with the Jews hate them. It comes from the inside. Even a person who has never heard about the cause of his repulsion simply feels that it is different.

This hate is rooted in religions, which only hasten the process by externally emphasizing the difference between the groups. It all stems from the difference between the general desire to receive and the part in which the Light dresses, which has to be the link for others. This is its only role.

Therefore, as it is written, “The Lord thy God has chosen thee.” Do whatever you want, He chose you, and that’s it. No matter how you regard your mission, you will fulfill it anyway because it is His Choice.

There is nothing special about you, but it is simply that, after the division into the “people of Israel” and the “nations of the world,” everyone has his role, his job, his free will. All this is predetermined from Above, and no one is better than another.

So, the children of Israel must teach the method of correction to others. Actually, how else can you bring contentment to the Creator if He initially turned to the nations of the world? The Creator wants to correct the basic desire to receive, but He has to build a system through which the entire process will go. Thus, Israel is the system, so do what you have to do.

Of course, this big desire to receive has to be revealed in the vessels of the nations of the world, but there should be no difference between us and them since it is one, whole vessel. Eventually, everything is revealed in the collective vessel as all its parts connect. As it is written, “He is One and His name is One.” In the general vessel, everything becomes “round,” inseparable.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/04/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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