Our World Through The Prism Of Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I try to see the world through the point of unity, I feel that joy and material objects lose their importance to me. What are the criteria that define the significance of your activities? How do we all “build the world?” Do we have to completely rearrange our system of values?

Answer: We should reorganize our system of values anyway. Our goal is to strive to achieve compliance with nature, that is, earn our living, stay alive, and attain harmony with nature without looking at or waiting for others while they go through their personal crises, their ups and downs. If a person rigidly, firmly, and actually places himself into this condition and tries to harmonize his life with nature, nothing can harm him.

It’s normal that this kind of attitude to life makes you happy. Besides, you should “tune” into the right type of business activities and correct relationships with family and the rest of the world. In other words, you should make up your mind about how to rearrange things that constitute your life and make them more rational.

I think that the entire world is involuntarily going this way. Gradually, it becomes obvious that, one way or another, we’ll either change the world and our personal state in it through a clear realization of the situation we are already in or nature will force us to do so by forcing us to limit our actions to such a degree that we will be cut off from the future if we don’t bother to understand that our current approach doesn’t work. However, it’s a very long and painful process.

I hope that dissemination of our knowledge will lead people to understand that only under the above-stated condition will a person reach the most rational and comfortable existence, and begin to sense, above everything else, the higher reality through the notion of an integral world.

A person enters the state of unity and eternity. He can clearly feel it. Matter dissolves and falls apart like shagreen leather. We witness a totally different world, the world of forces that our senses perceive to be a certain picture. It’s very real and, in fact, is truly close to us.

In my opinion, you should change your everyday life, the world around you, and the work you are doing in accordance with the level at which you are. However, it has to be done only to the degree of your understanding of spiritual methodology while transitioning to a higher step and becoming equivalent to it.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 2/26/12

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  1. We are free from the perils and the pain we see being suffered in the corporeal world around us. We stand in contrast to the turmoil and anarchy that only appears to be spreading. There is a uniting among those who are open handed with love and consideration, this is our dissemination. A change is happening that we can sense in the nature around us from all walks of life and differing spiritual paths. The oneness and attracting force of love and bestowal is gaining speed and we are in the forefront leading this unification of mankind. The chaos will continue among those resisting this force of change but they too will eventually be corrected along with the rest of us.

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