Balancing On The Path Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur task is to create an integral system among us all. This means that we have to stay inside a suitable “wrapping,” that is, the right surroundings that train us. This is how a real Man should be brought up. We are talking about a man who reached the human level of development. This type of person evolved from a “wild cave man.” Yet, at this time, we still relate to each other as “primordial” people.

Through good relationships, compassion, reciprocity and mutual bestowal we implement the following two types of behavior:

  1. Caring relationships at a human level, on our material plane, and
  2. Benevolent interaction with Nature and Its common law of mutual bestowal and love.

We go through the process that was built by Nature and which originates from the common force. Therefore, we obtain support and approval from the following factors:

  1. Good relationships within human society, and
  2. Balance with Nature.

Both directions are effective.

At this point, mistakes and imbalances are quite possible. The main thing is to retain stability between us and Nature. For example, Green party activists only care about flora and fauna, and as we see, they don’t succeed in preserving nature. It is impossible to keep nature in a good state without first establishing adequate relationships at the human level; these two processes are symbiotic. When people advance and improve, they positively influence everything around them. They start to defend inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and limit consumption by using only the resources that allow humankind to feed itself without exceeding the limit. In return, Nature will regain its equilibrium. We will eventually witness that everything we have ruined previously by destroying Nature’s elements will gradually revive and harmonize.

In summary; if we had to choose between two directions, humanity and nature, and decide where to start, we would have to consider the human factor before anything else. To start we have to provide the right kind of education and upbringing; only then can we transition from loving our neighbors to loving Nature. This is the correct vector of our development.

However, the stage of human relationships requires a thorough understanding that in the end we will have to attain equilibrium with the universal law of Nature, that is, with the general process of evolution as a whole. After we define our preferences between both factors and choose one of them, we should still keep in mind that it is essential to consider them both in our calculations.

This is how we build a schema for the process: First, we attain love towards humans, and afterward, we reach out to universal love that is inherent in Nature. This is the way to complete our personal correction.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 11, 1/9/12

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