Let’s Think About How We Can Help the World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe talk a lot about the things we want to achieve, attain, and reveal. But we have merited this aspiration because the entire world needs it. How can we help the world?

Everything around us is filled with the upper Light that permeates us, but we don’t feel it yet because of our egoism; great abundance exists in the world. There is everything! Only our egoism does not allow us to share with others, expand it in a way that would make everyone happy. Thus in the end everyone suffers.

Let us think about what we can offer to the world, how we imagine a corrected society where everything already operates according to the laws of mutual bestowal, love, and participation, when everyone understands that they are connected into one common system, and it cannot be that some are happy and others are not.

This interconnection manifests between us to such extent that we automatically behave this way. We reveal that we are an integral system. We only think about reciprocity. A person who thinks about others no longer needs anything else. As Baal HaSulam writes, everyone thinks about everyone else. I am certain that my friends are thinking about me, and this is why I cannot even think about myself. And this forces me to think about others.

The Creator pushes us towards this kind of unity, this kind of society. We hope to come to this is in a good way—through dissemination, education, and upbringing instead of having suffering, blows, and different cataclysms and catastrophes push us towards it.

Let us use the simplest example, a small town with a population of 50 thousand people: Ten thousand are working at the largest enterprise in the city. Right now they only spend half a workday working; there is no work.

Ten thousand people are elderly and retired. Ten thousand are children. And another twenty thousand people are in the service field, they work in all the city’s systems.

The problem is that the big factory, where ten thousand workers, engineers, and other professionals work, is closing. And for this reason the main source of income in the city is being reduced twofold since the revenue brought to the city by the factory circulates in all the fields of service.

This is a common problem, which today appears in many places in the world.

And now imagine, what we can offer to the population if we were to introduce our system of integral upbringing and education.

For example, we can begin with the employees of the plant since half of their workday is becoming free. How can we come to the other people in the city: the homemakers, children, the elderly, and those who are employed in municipal services since their workload, together with their salaries, are also naturally being diminished?

What kind of changes would happen in the city if we were to gradually introduce new social relations between people, spouses, within families, the household, on the street, the parks, in service, cleaning, delivery, in all the city and municipal jobs?

How can people who create integral relations save and cut their spending in a way that they are not able to feel it? Can this be done?

How can the double drop in the main city revenue be compensated in a way that a person practically does not feel it when he offsets it with new social relations, relationships between people?

Imagine how a town like this needs to live.

We must bring all of this in order, we must discuss and gradually incorporate all these problems into a system, and solve them because this really is a problem. And today it is already arising in many places.

If we are able to express this in a realistic way and imagine it together with scientists, sociologists, and political scientists with calculations and numbers, this will bring us closer to realizing these ideas.

But naturally, in general, nothing can be solved without integral upbringing. And this is the main thing.

Moreover, we must not forget that no problem can be solved without the influence of the Surrounding Light. We must still take into consideration that no matter what our undertakings are like, no matter what kind of wonderful ideas that great people and great minds propose – nothing will work without us hoping, knowing, and working in a way that will attract the Light, and then it will do it.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Workshop 3

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