A Changeover In Consciousness

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe’ve always believed that the love of friends, the group, and dissemination are kids’ games, that we are obliged to deal with them. Many of us still think: “This is about the upper world, while we have to deal with some sort of dissemination. Why should I offer this to people? What do I need this for?”

But gradually, under the influence of the upper Light, in our consciousness, the recognition of what is happening changes in us. Only after several years does a person begin to understand that the implementation of the method is fulfilled only in his connection with others, that the spiritual world isn’t somewhere over the ocean, or somewhere else, but that it is here. You just have to change yourself and your internal perception—now you want everything for yourself, but you have to reach the opposite state, to exit yourself, and instead of inward, aim outward.

The recognition that everything depends on your internal attitude towards the world is a very meaningful change over. It really takes the Light a long time to influence us.

Every lesson, every addition, is another tiny portion of the Surrounding Light that influences us from a distance bringing us closer.

There are great changes taking place all the time. But there are so many that it takes several years.

In the past it took many years, let’s say 20 years. Today it can be limited to several years. It may very well be that when the masses reach it, even by just a little, by yearning and making efforts in this direction, it will take less time.

Still it is a changeover in consciousness, in our recognition, since you don’t think in terms of time and distance any more as if the upper world is somewhere far away. You already understand that it is here, and it is simply your attitude towards it and the way you think that create it.
From KabTV’s “Foundations Of The Integral Society” 4/08/12

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