A Mandatory Subject

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a town that is introducing integral education has a university, can it be used as an element of the infrastructure for this process?

Answer: I think that here, of course, we need to act through the federal departments in order to receive permission to add integral education as a required subject in institutions of higher learning. Otherwise it would be impossible to enter into any educational system. And when such a directive is received, then accordingly there will be allocated, say, an hour a day during which each student will be required to study this methodology, to take part in it.

This is sufficient for students. I think there won’t be any problems: They absorb everything very quickly and work with books easily. In this manner, integral education will become a mandatory subject.

Question: And for how many hours a day should school age children be engaged in the integral methodology?

Answer: We have extensive experience with schoolchildren. After school, the kids come to our integral upbringing center and spend a few hours there. The atmosphere in the center differs greatly from the one in the school where all the kids have “daggers drawn.” Therefore, a child needs an hour in order to gradually switch from one environment to another. For them, it is a transition from one world to another.

The learning takes place in the form of lessons with games and discussions. I think that children, educators, and the entire school system will be very happy about this because our method radically softens the criminal atmosphere.
From the “Talk on Integral Education” #23, 3/3/12

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