Marriage Is Linked To Higher Wellbeing

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from GALLUP): “In the U.S., one’s marital status appears to have an impact on one’s wellbeing. Americans who are married have higher wellbeing than those who are not married, with those currently separated or divorced lagging far behind. …

“Clearly, marriage has economic benefits and ending a marriage can have serious economic consequences, which helps explain part of the gap in wellbeing by marital status. …

“Marriage also brings companionship, emotional support, and partnership in dealing with life’s ups and downs that can foster a higher level of personal wellbeing. Social interaction is inherently part of marriage, and Gallup analyses have clearly shown that time spent socially and social networks themselves are positively associated with high wellbeing.”

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, the institution of marriage is the basis for sustainable development and existence of a person, protecting him from stress and creating a special kind of inner stability. Throughout time, Kabbalists did not accept unmarried students, considering a man who has no family underdeveloped, at least socially, and that doesn’t let him fully realize himself in this world, for what Kabbalah is intended.

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