Do Catastrophes Unify?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can the method of integral upbringing be applied to cases of man-made or natural catastrophes? For example, if a catastrophe takes place and people become disoriented, then the entire country participates in restoring the affected region, but the process is difficult and lengthy.

It requires enormous resources, and people quickly become accustomed to being dependent. But on the other hand, they are so psychologically disoriented that they are ready to change their lives. Can this situation be used to change the problems of a given region?

Answer: I have thought about this a lot because the crisis brings this thought to one’s mind. Let us say that 50% of the young people in Spain are unemployed, or Detroit has become a ghost town. A catastrophe is the most appropriate situation for explaining the cause of our local and all other global problems.

People immediately perceive the integral method; it helps them “warm up,” get together, and feel the community. Naturally, people start helping each other and all pressures decrease: criminal, family, etc.

The atmosphere immediately becomes completely different. People are willing to live in tents, and they even perceive it as sort of an adventure. Their psychology changes so much that they stop seeing the negative sides of life; they do not concentrate on them. The interesting thing is that their perception of life changes. This is why I think that integral upbringing is psychological support as well as great social support in these cases.

Question: It often happens that professional builders come to restore a region while local residents sit and wait for their houses to be built and food to be brought to them. The integral method envisions a different organization—mixed brigades of visiting builders and local population?

Answer: Both immediately begin to participate in working and learning. This way, the same builders will also be touched by integral learning.

Question: Then the visiting builders will also need to be taught?

Answer: During the time they are free. At least the builders will be provided with voluntary heartfelt help from the local population. People will be glad to take part in the restoration of their city.
From the “Talk on Integral Education” #23, 3/3/12

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