Distance Doesn’t Exist For Those That Are Close In Spirit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the correct way for the groups that are staying home to support the congress?

Answer: The groups that are remaining at home have to understand that they’re not staying home, they’re not overboard. In the spiritual world, there is no distance, time, or physical objects that separate us. The spiritual world is a field where closeness in spiritual qualities determines how close you are to a person. We have to aspire to be as close as possible to one another.

Therefore, if we’re doing the same thing, if we feel connected, if we study under the guidance of one teacher and carry out the same instructions, and if we aspire to sense our mutual connection worldwide, then thanks to the spiritual and corporeal differences between us, and as a result of our connection above those differences, we build a strong, spiritual vessel or Kli.

The strength of the spiritual vessel is determined precisely by the difference between the egoistic desires within it and by the power of the connection above them.
From Unity Day Around the World 4/22/12, “Preparation for the Congress”

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Ask Yourself!

 Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople who study with us for years ask me: “Well, when will I finally…? What will be in the end?”, and I don’t know what to answer them.

You are in the upper world already, start feeling it! And if it is concealed from you, do what you have to do so that it will be revealed! After all, I will not give you this key!

Why do you all see in me someone who executes things and not a guide? I cannot fulfill anything!

Suppose I were a coach of an athlete who has to participate in the Olympic games. I can’t participate in his place. I am a coach. I can advise him and show him, I can give him different activities to carry out: psychological, physical, massage, etc., everything that an athlete needs. But I cannot participate in his place. It is the same here!

A Kabbalah teacher is like a school or university teacher, he brings you out into the world. Then you have to reach your own goal by yourself, attain your own achievements using the knowledge you received from your teacher. It is the same thing here.

So it is futile to ask me: “When?” You should only ask yourselves.

I can even sit here on the stage and not say a word for two days, while you are working on your internality. This would be a wonderful convention! We could transmit it all over the world, and our friends all over the world could do the same thing. We will get to that state. You cannot even imagine what force would reside among you then. This could be an amazing experience!

So only internal concentration!

And on the outside, the help of the friends and my instructions.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/2012, Lesson 5

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