Water Shortage In China

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Shanghaiist): “Chinese officials have warned that the world’s second largest economy is facing acute water shortages and that the problem is worsening on a daily basis, according to the China News Service.

“Vice Minister of China’s Water Resource Ministry Hu Siyi said China’s water resources per capita stands at only 28% of the world average, during a press conference hosted by the State Council’s Information Office.

“Two thirds of Chinese cities are facing water shortages and another 300 million people in rural areas have no access to safe drinking water.

“Apart from water shortages, the Vice Minister listed three other challenges the country faces: poor water utility efficiency, over-development in water resources which has led to a series of ecological problems, as well as sprawling pollution.

“Beijing is now trying to tackle the issue by limiting consumption, controlling pollution and increasing its monitor of water bodies.”

My Comment: China is coming closer to the realization of the evil of its industrial development and will be forced to curtail production and to bear the consequences. This will make it search for a new approach to its development—integral equal distribution and balance with nature. Even in such a huge society this can be achieved only by means of mandatory universal integral education.

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