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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the connection between the four upcoming conventions? What can be the result of them? How can this build a world group when we will be preparing for them as one?

Answer: The main thing is to properly prepare for them.

It is not in organizing a convention. If you want the convention to really be spiritual, for spiritual advancement, you must completely exclude your egoistic demands: your desire to have the convention at a place convenient to you or any other reason.

There is just one very simple reason: for as many of our friends as possible to participate in the convention. And this is why it needs to be organized in a way that is most convenient for those people who are always with us.

A convention is by no means organized for newcomers or people waking in off the street, or for special guest personalities. By no means!

The convention is only for us! If there is an opportunity to invite someone from outside to attend an evening event, this is a whole different story; this is extra and absolutely unnecessary.

This is why the main thing is to make it convenient for everyone: the elderly, parents with children, the disabled, small children, people with health problems who need rest during the day because they cannot attend an entire day, and so on. All these things need to be foreseen and taken into consideration. After all this will be three whole days!

The convention will be a success if the organizers take this into consideration, because the very first condition is thinking about everyone, making things comfortable for them and not for you. You need to completely cancel your opinion and do what is best for everyone.

This is the approach that needs to exist anywhere in the world. I do not care where the convention is, in any village with any conditions, as long as it is convenient for everyone. And convenience means affordable and easily accessible. And that is it. This is the first condition of a convention.

And the second condition is for everyone to participate in the convention, for everyone to send their wishes, songs, and video clips. Do everything you can and be with us.

Believe me that I get more inspired sitting behind a screen than being at the location, because the distance that separates us gives me an additional desire and aspiration because I was there but here. I prepare myself for this and the screen for me becomes an absolutely ideal connection with those who are there at the actual convention.
From the talk “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/12

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