How To Help The Men?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can women do to help the men prepare for the congress in the desert and over the duration of the congress?

Answer: The women need to “pressure” the men without mercy. They need to evoke a very clear feeling inside that unless the men bring them what they desire, it’s simply a disaster. Suppose that a man has a job interview, and the outcome, whether or not he will be hired, is absolutely critical for the family. If he doesn’t get the job, the family won’t have the money to buy food or pay rent, and will immediately fall from a more or less modest living standard to being homeless. This is how a woman needs to feel: If the man doesn’t bring home the paycheck, we will have nothing to live on. It must be felt like a terrible crisis, like a breaking!

If the women decide to influence the men with this feeling, the men will have no other choice than to make it happen. It is therefore written that the exodus from Egypt is actualized on account of women. And the subsequent reception of the method of spiritual ascent into Mount Sinai is also done thanks to women. This pressure toward men must be gentle, rather than rough, lest it trigger strong resistance on their part. Everything must be done simply, in the way a wife can pressure her man without uttering a word. That is precisely what we need.
From the talk “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/12

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