Let’s Put Together All Our Forces To Harvest The Sowed Crops

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter the convention that was held, we still slightly lack the final points for the ultimate discernment. But it is very close because we are already at the last degree. Yet, in order for it to become revealed, we have to go through 4 phases, as it happens on every degree, starting from its preliminary phases: 0-1-2-3. And only when we reach the last, 4th phase of this degree does it begin to come through and be felt practically, which is called “the harvest of the crops.” We did not harvest the crops yet, but we are very close to it and are already on a new degree.

Therefore, I advise you to spend several days, until the end of this week, devoting all your free time to going over the Convention lessons again. This is my advice to every student, no matter where he is located in the world. Try to listen to all the lessons again 2 or 3 times, and to watch the other events at least a little, such as the friends’ assemblies, songs, dances, and everything that took place there, returning to that state again and again.

Until the weekend, we will actively tune into the state of the Convention. Again and again, we have to listen to what was discussed there and maintain the same sensation that we had when we were together with the friends. Try for all of this to settle into you and to come through in the mind and feeling.

You will begin to hear many things there that you did not hear before, during the lessons. And in the new vessels of perception that you received just now, you will reveal what we went through then in a new way.

That’s because we have now entered the second phase. The first phase is the Inner Light, which is called “tastes” (Taamim). And the second phase is the Light’s exit from the spiritual Partzuf, “points” (Nekudot). It is precisely when leaving that place, when parting, that you build new vessels.

Therefore, we have to return to the same states once we have already grown distant from them, because you are no longer in them practically. And by that you build new vessels, which are increasingly deeper.

The first vestment of the Light into the Partzuf is phase 0, “tastes” (Taamim), Keter. Next, the Light gradually leaves, growing farther and farther along the degrees, going through phases 1-2-3-4, Hochma-Bina-Zeir Anpin-Malchut, which are called “points” (Nekudot)
“Tastes” are what we received at the place of the Convention. And then come the following stages: “points, crowns above letters, and letters” (Nekudot-Tagin-Otiyot) during the Light’s disappearance. And it is very important to work with this disappearance of Light, having already parted with this place and action, with the sensation, but returning to it again and again. In essence, we have to return to it 4 times, but we should do it at least twice.

Thus, we build our vessels (letters of work), and then we can already talk about what to do next, when we finish this action that we began at the Convention. This action has to be realized in 4 stages, when we again go through everything anew and try to assimilate it in our vessels, which have already been emptied of the initial filling and have moved slightly toward the next level.

These are the phases along which a spiritual Partzuf works: the Inner Light clothes from Peh until Tabur, which is called “tastes” (Taamim), phase Keter. Then the Light comes out along 4 degrees: Hochma-Bina-Zeir Anpin-Malchut, along “points” (Nekudot).

“Points” are the most important aspect because it is the beginning of new vessels. And every time the Light disappears, we have to go through the same striking adhesion with the Light (Zivug). That is, precisely in these points, we have to return to the same Light that was there in the beginning and merge with it. This is what will happen when we come back to the same material, the same actions and gatherings, as much as possible. But the most important thing is to come back to the lessons.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/12, Writings of Rabash

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