Dynamics Of The Development Of Mankind

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see laws by studying human psychology and a person’s place in the common picture of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature; we see the laws and we must advance according to them. We are a part of nature, the result of its development. We are not outside of it.

Psychology is the science of human behavior and it’s also a part of the laws of nature. It’s a very important part of nature, even though it has only existed just over one hundred years. But it’s true that only one hundred years ago we started to feel that we have an ability to evolve in a special, individual, conscious form with the understanding of where I come from, who I am, and how I treat others and why.

Until then only novels spoke of a person’s behavior. But one hundred years ago, essentially not all that long ago, we started studying why a person behaves a certain way and from where this behavior comes. This refers to studying laws that pertain to people. This is why psychology is very important. It helps me understand: who I am, who others are, and how I can build a happy life between us.

If we are a family living in one room called planet Earth, and we depend upon each other, then we don’t have any another choice; we must reach an agreement. And psychology helps us reach peace in the family. This is referred to as observing the laws of nature.

Moreover, there are laws on the still level of nature studied by physics, laws of the vegetative nature studied by biology and botany, and animal nature is studied in zoology. All these are laws of nature’s behavior on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, the behavior of elementary particles, molecules, cells, and bodies, their interaction, etc.

A person’s behavior is studied in psychology, the science of human nature. And nature demands of us according to our development. When we look at the growth of children, we know how they are supposed to develop every year. What is developing in them? It’s their nature. We know what a child is supposed to be able to do at the age of one, two, three, etc. Each year, a person goes through development in his understanding, comprehension, behavior, and develops physically, physiologically, psychologically, and mentally. This is referred to as the law of the development of nature.

It’s a law because we can say that a two-year-old child is supposed to have a certain weight, height, and skills. The numbers are different for a three-year-old. How do we know what he will be like at three? We are familiar with the law of development, the dynamics, meaning the process. This is called the law of nature. There is nothing we can do different here because this development is instilled inside a person.

We study the laws of nature; we are part of nature. There is a certain motor inside us that develops us; it develops every person throughout the seventy years of his life and all of us over the entire course of history. Now as we look back, we can analyze why we developed the way we did from year to year, from one epoch to another, and we can identify the driving force behind our development and what was happening.

There can be an entire evaluation about the history of mankind. Not just regarding what happened and when, but why it happened, what made it happen. Humanity is like a child who develops according to certain laws. When an animal has a pup, I know how the puppy is supposed to develop. And if I don’t know, then I take it to a specialist who does, a veterinarian. All of this is referred to as knowledge of the laws of nature. And human society has the same laws; they are called sociology. Everything submits to the laws. We simply don’t know or understand them very well as these are very young sciences. But to the extent of our knowledge, we see that everything submits to strict laws that exist everywhere.

There is an inner, social development instilled in humankind. Its inner data determines how it will develop, how it will build its society, build itself. And time, which affects this inner data, develops us in a certain way. When a child is given food and care, he will develop yearly. Is food developing him? No, food is just nutrition which helps develop the inner genes, which develop a child into a person.

Nothing accidental happens during a child’s development from the initial drop of semen. We know ahead of time that this drop of semen will develop into a body that will be born and become a person. All this comes out of the informational genes, the certain data instilled within it, which then develop through external nutrition. And all this happens in accordance with the laws. And we see the same in the development of human society.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 1, 12/27/11

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