Conclusion To The First Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanSo far this is only the beginning. To conclude our first lesson, we all need to agree that we exist in nature. We can imagine it as a closed sphere, a circle, inside which we live. Absolute laws operate inside this sphere, and they govern us.

We discover a part of these laws as we evaluate nature, and we call it science. But undoubtedly 99.9% of these laws remain unknown; we are not yet able to reveal them.

Usually, knowing the laws of nature helps us make a better life. Look at all the useful things around your house: television, the Internet, a washer and a dryer; you have it all. Compare how comfortable your life is in relation to a person who lives in a tiny forgotten village, who gets his water from a well, cooks over fire, and washes his clothes in a washtub.

We do all these things in a matter of seconds without any effort. Instead of a well, I have a faucet in the wall, all the comforts of home, which help me exist without much effort. This way I can live without doing much additional work, as was required to manage in the former, rural life.

In other words, our development frees a person to do other things, things that are far from providing life’s necessities. But the question is, why after having achieved such a developed life has it become so cruel and empty, leading us to despair, instilling uncertainty, fear, and anxiety in us?

What have we done with the time freed through technological and social development that could have created such a wonderful addition to our lives? Instead of a calm and peaceful, although physically difficult, rural life, we have landed in a modern jungle.

Why do we waste the energy and time freed up by the development of technology on making such a hard and complicated life for ourselves? Maybe it is time to stop? Maybe now it is time to move on to a completely different life: like leaving our village again for a new, more appealing life.

We need a just a few hours to provide what we need for our existence, the things we needed to provide back in the village; let’s dedicate the rest of our time to the soul, let’s give it other things to do! Maybe we will manage to correct our lives this way?

I complete our first conversation with this question…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 1, 12/27/11

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  1. the lack of unity is what you are talking about,the lack of peace and real pleasure bestowal,the lack of attainment is doing this to us,a man in attainment does not care that much if he is rich or lives in big town or village or any where else,a man in attainment all its intention aims to the goal,and man is connected to the hole creation,and the notion of time does not exist any more and nothing bothers you any more you live and are connected to each one in reality…as more people in our reality does get connected to the creation as better and more progress we are going to sense in this world and our future will be more and more like the light,we are going to get closer to our creator…


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