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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: According to our reason (“within reason”), we don’t value the friends: We disregard them and we hate them. However, with faith above reason we must accept society’s opinion that it’s worthwhile to see them as great in order to get inspired. So it turns out that I can force my material body to smile and play, but it doesn’t yet enter my feelings. Is this called faith above reason?

Answer: If you feel hatred towards your friends and yet must arrive at the state when you begin to feel love towards them, this is not called faith above reason. It’s the same as when someone brings me a culinary dish that I am unfamiliar with and I don’t like it at first. I don’t even understand how people can eat such a thing. However, if I keep trying this dish every day, after a month it’ll seem to me that there is nothing more delicious.

It’s as if I have been told: “Check above reason that this is delicious, try once, twice, and then you’ll taste it thoroughly and will be convinced. Then, you will ask for it yourself.” However, this is not the kind of faith above reason about which Kabbalah speaks. We don’t value this kind of faith at all. If I am simply following my friends’ advice, this is how the whole of humanity acts; all of the commercials are built on this, convincing you to accept faith above reason that you need this thing and to buy it.

This is not faith above reason but is simply getting accustomed to any new thing that is still unfamiliar. We are drawing it closer and begin to love it within reason; we acquire a taste for it.

However, in faith above reason relative to the Light, I want it to be as elevated as possible in my eyes, meaning higher than all of my doubts. But I want those doubts to remain in their full height. My feelings and reason don’t agree with it, but I want to be similar to it to an extent that’s higher than my agreement with it. This means that I am connecting to a higher Light.

Let’s say that there is a wise man, the more I don’t understand him and simply realize that he is wise and decides things in a completely different way from my reasoning, the more I am impressed by him. Meaning that we should develop our faith above reason relative to the form clothed in our matter, relative to the Light, the Creator, and keep holding on to it.

The Creator suddenly clothes in me and says: “Let’s hug like brothers!” And at the same moment when I am about to hug Him, I must raise Him higher than me, exalt Him even more. Otherwise this is receiving within reason, receiving for the sake of myself, shattering.

Do you feel where the border lies here? This must always be above my reason, against my desire. And in this form I will be ready to connect to Him.

The difference between how I feel Him inside of myself, unite with Him, have contact with Him, and how I raise Him above myself, this difference is created by the screen. And then, even if I receive from Him, I receive it for the sake of bestowal. He reveals Himself each time and shows me that it’s as if He is the same as me, while I constantly want to see Him higher than myself, raising Him ever higher. This means that I am protecting myself and I take care so that I always have the screen.

Faith above reason is my protection from receiving for my own sake. One can speak about this endlessly, while on the other hand, there is nothing else besides this. You must unite with all created beings, beginning with Adam HaRishon, like one man with one heart, and the Creator must constantly remain on the very top of the mountain for you.

If I intend to attain this within myself, to unite as equals, then this is called within reason. However, if I aspire to constantly retain it above myself, this will be above reason. What is important here is my tendency, my aspiration, so that the Creator will be above me. I don’t connect with Him simply, on equal terms, like two friends who feel themselves as equal, but I always retain Him being above.

That’s why I wish that there always remains something that I don’t fully understand or feel. This will mean that I am aspiring ever higher and higher. As long as a person has questions and doubts, it’s thanks to them that he keeps developing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/2012, Writings of Rabash

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