With Whom Should We Make Our Attack?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can I discover in the Arava convention?

Answer: You will discover what you want; you will discover what you prepare yourself for. Perhaps you are preparing yourself to find out the meat and rice is delicious?

In our connection we want to reach a true deficiency, and we have to go to the convention with the right yearning. It has to be so clear that we feel it in our bones.

Question: Should we set conditions that must be kept before the convention? Will this help us discover the right deficiency?

Answer: Yes, of course. How is it possible without preliminary conditions? We can’t jump the gun. If someone doesn’t prepare himself, there is no point in his going. By that he is tripping up himself and the friends, and he will get a spiritual punishment for that, like the fool who drills a hole in the collective boat. Everyone should be responsible for what is happening with him. There is time for everyone to correct himself according to the conditions you decide on.

You should present these conditions to anyone you think is ready for the attack. So think, whom are you taking with you and whom not? Make a list of names. The criterion here is not how much a person knows, not the number of years he has studied, but the level of his desire: How much does he want to and is he capable of helping.

Everyone should carry out his job on the boat, from the captain to the youngest apprentice. The only question is: How focused is everyone on the goal?

Question: What is that spiritual punishment?

Answer: If I fail the friends by my wrong participation, then I will certainly be punished for that. The harm I cause will come back to me like a boomerang.

In the same way, I can also receive the reward through the friends when I advance with them and receive from them powers, directions, and assistance; I only add a bit from myself. In our world it is just like working in a certain field and being able to exchange my salary for numerous goods and services that others offer me. When I connect to them, I provide myself with everything that I need in order to live a good life. It is the same in spirituality: I work in my place on the boat and do my job faithfully—and together with everyone else I reach our destination. Could I cross the ocean by myself?

Question: How can I check whether I am ready for the convention?

Answer: Ask your friends all over the world what they think the preparation is. You should write about it yourselves, so that everyone will be able to check himself whether he is coming physically or whether he is going to participate virtually. Women and men should write separately, and then discuss the matter and closely stick to the decisions that are reached.

The main thing is the deficiency; we don’t need more than that. So it is about the clarification of the deficiency, or the clarification of the obstacles on the way to reach it, which interruptions should I take with me in order to sharpen things and bring about correction?

Question: For whom should I ask for the deficiency during the lesson: myself or the others?

Answer: It is written, “He who prays for his friend is answered first.” But if you are asking for the friends just so that you can be first, your prayer won’t be answered. That is not a prayer for the friend.

Question: The last time before we went out to the desert, we were given the chance to overcome many obstacles. Now, however, we have to ignite this desire by ourselves. Is this the minimum with which we have to come to the desert?

Answer: Today much more is demanded from you. At that time you expected some revelation, but we didn’t say what exactly should be revealed. Now we say: We have to reveal the desire, the deficiency. I don’t need anything but this desire.

What exactly is it aimed at? At the revelation of the Creator? No. It is aimed at bestowal. None of us has the desire for bestowal, and we want it to be revealed in all of us. After all, the desire to bestow that fills me is actually the Light. I am happy because I want to bestow, and I don’t need anything but that. Even if the Creator doesn’t let me bestow—the desire itself fills me with and brings me pleasure.

Then we begin to understand the details, and to climb the mountain to the King’s palace.

There is nothing to add here. We have the opportunity to reach the right deficiency, which will be filled. We don’t need anything else.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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