To Not Want To Leave!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe study that nature is one Law that affects all of us as one whole and wants to bring us in balance with it. Then, uniting into one, we will begin to understand the world we live in.

We can come to this connection through a good attitude towards each other, which we do not want but should achieve through a game, using the rule “habit becomes second nature.” How can we accomplish this? This needs to be implemented in the environment that surrounds us, in human society.

Every person has a certain status with respect to society. And we need to build such systems of relations between a person and society in which everyone will feel obliged to society and that the well-being of society depends on him, and his well-being depends on society.

To accomplish this, we need to reorganize the form of human relations that we have developed guided by our ego, and the essence of which is “to everyone according to his egoistic needs.” And so, today this principle does not work, and the current crisis is general and integral.

Thus, we need to create a new form of people’s relations with their environment based on the fact that we all depend on each other. If the environment requires a person to have a good attitude, it should give him examples of correct behavior, like a mother does raising her child.

Society that surrounds us should completely change its effect on each of us. And above all, this refers to the media and education systems. They need to be re-organized immediately, changed in order to give everyone a sense of the need to change the relations between us, as well as our relationship to the environment. After all, the environment is a kind of incubator, where we will develop properly. The temperature, humidity, and oxygen level, all of these parameters are set in the incubator in the optimal range so that healthy chickens hatch quickly and in comfortable conditions.

We must build around ourselves such a beautiful “greenhouse,” an environment, in which we will feel cozy, warm, and pleasant so that we would not want to leave! Like a baby grows in his mother’s womb in complete safety, where everything is created for his normal development, in this way, we should build our environment in which everyone develops properly and comfortably.

By building such an environment for our own benefit and for the benefit of everyone else (each one should care for all the rest), a person eventually builds his big family; we become brothers.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #4, 1/1/12

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