Shame Of Inequality

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the changes that happen in the universe, following the origin of the plan of creation, only pertain to the creatures. But the Creator is constant, as it is written: “I did not change the manifestation of my HaVaYaH.” Nothing else happens in relation to Him: He wished to make a creature to please it—and He did it.

All the actions take place inside the creature—in its consciousness, understanding, perception, and development. This way the creature develops from one point, which essentially separates it from the Creator. It is a special point, created by the Creator, which is the reason the created is called a creature, a desire.

Everything beside this point must absolutely be like the Creator. And in order to bring them to this similarity and create a connection between the creation and the Creator, the creature separates into an enormous number of parts.

These parts are separated and are pushed away from each other by their egoism, the desire to enjoy, the evil inclination, a selfish intention. This is the way the creature feels: divided and diverse, separated into many different systems, which are hostile to one another. But all this only exists within the creature in its sensations.

This sensation is called “concealment” (Alama)—an entire system of worlds (Olam), which exists so the creature would finally understand that the concealment separates it from the Creator. There is absolute perfection, unanimity in the Creator. He is one, and there are no differences within Him. But inside the creature there are an infinite number of different parts, which contradict one another.

Shame Of Inequality

In the end, the creature discovers that this exact division does not let it connect with the Creator and creates inequality between them. This evokes a special feeling, called shame—the feeling of their difference, which makes the creature begin to act, striving to become like the Creator. And here it sees that for this it needs to unite with everyone it now hates, pushes away, neglects, and does not take into consideration.

The creature is ready to make this transition, these actions of correction, for the sake of attaining equality with the Creator—anything to achieve adhesion. Complete equality of actions and qualities is called adhesion.

This is a gradual, step-by-step process where we realize the program of creation. We must feel ourselves in all the other states on the way towards unity or when already attaining it—in other words, on all the rungs of the ladder, while increasingly developing our unity.

At the end, we will see ourselves to be absolutely different creatures, and the group will appear different, not just a union of friends in a team, but a new spiritual formation with common thoughts and desires in a different reality. But any new state is directed towards the attainment of a greater connection, which is referred to as a union of friends both in our and the spiritual world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/30/11, Writings of Rabash

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