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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal Hasulam, “The Peace”: “Because the purpose is undoubtedly built over all the laws of Nature, none excluded, he who alters even a single law harms and damages the purposeful aim that the Creator has set, and will therefore be punished by Nature. Hence, we, too, creatures of the Creator must not pity him because he is desecrating the laws of Nature and defiles the purpose of the Creator.”

We need to learn the system of laws that exist. This is because none of our desires, none of our actions and none of our thoughts are beyond the boundaries of this system. Its network reaches every cell in our body, every atom, and every particle, and ties them all on different levels and stages, whether they are biological tissues, physiological organs, the nervous system, thoughts, desires, lights, vessels and everything else.

We have been given the feeling of imbalance. This imbalance between us and the right and real way to act was given to us on purpose, so that we will advance and learn to balance ourselves with the demands of the general network. Thanks to this, we begin to know who operates it. He seems to create a malfunction in the balance and we feel bad.

Thus he invites us to contact Him: “Just ask, so that I will show you how to create the balance.” If we ask, our request is the vessel in which His action is later revealed, meaning the Light that completes the imbalance.

The process is carried out in the following way: First a certain part is revealed in my vessel and I feel bad: diseases, troubles, problems, etc. By themselves they don’t mean anything yet, but then I discover the point in the heart, and I understand that there is an external reason for all my troubles. This raises in me the question about the meaning of life.

As a result, I come to the group, join it, and discover the filling in it, the Creator, meaning the part that can complete the imbalance. I don’t know what the group really is because I see it through the prism of my own evil. I don’t see the Creator, and I can feel Him only as much as I feel bad. I simply have no other desire, no other “detector.”

So I begin to receive the filling from Him, and this is called “the Lord’s work.” Eventually He fills this part in me and it is corrected.

So at first I felt the evil, and then I gave it a different meaning and filled it with goodness, with the Creator. Thus I reach a balance with Him: He performed the work according to my request.

Then another corrupt part of the vessel is revealed to me, bigger than the previous one. Here I feel an even greater evil and discover a much stronger point in the heart. Accordingly, the group also seems much higher than before and the Creator much greater. He influences me much more intensely, and again after having discovered all the necessary means, I complete the balance.

And so time after time, instead of my egotistic nature, I bring the Creator inside me. I learn His actions and by them, I attain Him, reach adhesion with Him, and more.

These corrections take place from the lighter to the more serious ones, from the coarseness of the root level, Shoresh, until the fourth level of coarseness. They are also called the “worlds.” Thus I attain the worlds of Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, and Adam Kadmon (A”K). Eventually, my whole vessel is corrected and instead of the initial egoism, the world of Ein Sof fills me.

So we must constantly pay attention to how balanced we are with nature. The imbalance reveals the evil inside me, which I have to complete in order to acquire the good. This is the only way to advance, to find my way no matter what.

Today, when we come across problems and troubles, we have to understand that the crisis, the bad feeling, is a wonderful and special phenomenon by which we can correct ourselves. We must only turn to the group, to all those who feel the same evil.

They must connect among them as much as they can, and find the power of unity inside. The general population find the power of unity without the Creator, but simply thanks to our unity. All the rest comes to them through us. Then we all reach correction together.

So we must accept all the bad things that are revealed in the world as an invitation to develop. We must always move towards a greater union with others. A person is created especially in such a form that only the unity gives him the answers to all the troubles, even the most inner and personal ones. Only the unity can heal us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/11, “The Peace”

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