How Do You Understand A Japanese Person?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People populating the planet Earth have different systems of consciousness. The Europeans, for example, have a so-called vertical consciousness, while the Japanese have a horizontal one. How deep do I have to go into this? Do I have to learn to understand the Japanese, or is it enough for me to understand the people who surround me?

Answer: This doesn’t matter at all! I don’t intend to look at the world through the eyes of a Japanese or a Chinese, a Ukrainian or an African. I am not interested in that. The main thing that interests me is to change myself, so that any foreign opinions, desires, and thoughts, would be accepted and absorbed inside of me exactly the same way as my own would. That’s it. And it is not important what kind they are!

Let’s say that I have a child born from a Japanese woman. I see that he has some kind of a specific system of perceiving the world, a point of view toward the world. Well, so what, do I have to push him so that he necessarily accepts my system?! It is impossible!

Different perceptions of the world are the result of a specific switch of brain functions, which has developed and evolved into such a system, which today cannot be destroyed.

The whole of our integral education methodology is based solely on self-knowledge and in no way on suppressing yourself or others! By the means of suppressing, we completely switch ourselves off from the correct evolutionary movement forward towards harmony with nature. Nature does not stand for it!

It seems to us that nature is forcing us, but this is only done so that we would voluntarily make the first move by ourselves. And it will keep forcing us until we find this kind will and we make the first step. However, nature does not show us what step we have to make.

That is why I must try by all of the methods possible to develop my son. As it is said in the Bible: “Educate your child according to his ways”, meaning, according to his inclinations and internal potential given to him by nature.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 12/12/11

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