How Can Truth Grow From A Double Lie?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person lives only by the desire in the heart. It makes no difference what he says out loud, or whether before reading The Book of Zohar he suddenly begins to think about what he should pray for or what he should think about.

We are before a system that can give us anything we want. We only have to clarify what we can receive from it. I can receive from it something that can harm me by bringing me all the goodness and corporeal pleasures and thereby keeping me away from the goal and “shutting me up.” This is called the “potion of death,” which will fill me with pride and make me receive everything that I lack in this world, meaning to fill my ego.

Or I can ask for something that is detached from this world, which is opposite to it and is not so real—and I will actually receive that. After all, this force can do anything: He created the evil inclination, and He can also create the good inclination and perform the shift between the two worlds: both from top down and from the bottom up. It all depends only on me, only on what I ask for.

So a person has to think, and to take into account that he always raises a prayer because there is always a desire in his heart. This desire either says: “I want to sleep so leave me alone,” or it can be a desire for different nonsense that is in his subconscious. After all, the Reshimot (informational genes) are always evoked and fulfilled in some form.

A person can also take things seriously and want to find out what to ask for; it is all in his hands. A person must know that he is always under the influence of the Light, but now that influence is more intense and strong, and he has the opportunity to advance even in the opposite form of the created being.

It all depends on his deficiency. If he has a deficiency, if he is really somewhat part of the special actions of the Light, which can raise him—then it is fulfilled. And if not, then the Light works on him in the opposite manner.

If people don’t pray with the right intention, meaning if they don’t ask some purposeful action of the Light, they still are under the influence of the Light. This is because the surrounding Light operates on everyone and the Reshimot are constantly evoked in us. The Light operates on the Reshimot and so humanity advances.

But we have reached the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to bring ourselves under the influence of the Light. The Light can take us back to even greater evil, to the potion of death, and it can bring us to a state called the “elixir of life.” At the moment, the elixir of life seems like the worst potion of death, but I have to prepare myself and make it seem differently to me, to convince myself somehow that it is so. Even if I pray falsely, the Light will still influence me correctly.

There is a kind of an agreement between the Light and me. The Light passes through a system of concealment, which is broken on purpose in order to be adapted to me, and so there is a certain lie in the system, just like in me. Therefore, it understands me and even if I ask for myself, because I cannot ask otherwise, it will understand me and cover up my lie by its lie.

The same shattering that happened Above, and then was corrected in the form of the right system in the world of Atzilut, operates against the shattering in me, against the egoistic Reshimot that cannot ask for anything except what is good and pleasant for my egoism. But if I ask in a certain way to resemble the lie inherent in the upper system, then from a lie about a lie, the truth comes out because then we understand each other.

Since I cannot ask differently, the system adapts itself to me. Although I don’t ask for true bestowal because I can only enjoy bestowal in my vessels of reception, the system understands me because the Reshimot come from it, and so it evokes me; it prepares the correction and the fulfillment for me, and all I have to do is to find out what is going on. This clarification doesn’t seem like clarification: It seems to me that I am the one who does that, who gathers all the evil inclination and brings it to prayer, but actually it isn’t so, and there is nothing that I do here except for making a finer and more sensitive clarification of what is going on.

Thus, we are under the control of the system which operates us both internally and externally, as it says: “Thou hast hemmed me in behind and before.” This whole system is called the system of the world of Atzilut, and it comes from the upper Light, from The Zohar. It is about this system, about this power, that The Book of Zohar tells us.

Let’s hope that we have the correct requests and not artificial ones.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/16/12, The Zohar

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