The Decline Of The Consumer Empire

Dr. Michael LaitmanMalchut is the desire to enjoy, and it understands nothing but that. But if due to the Light, which constantly comes from Above, it develops to the extent that it desires to feel what is above it, then it starts to seek the first nine Sefirot.

At first it strives towards the higher Sefirot only to receive from them for itself because it thinks that they have something that would fill it. This is similar to a person in our world who wants to absorb the entire world, all opinions, scientific knowledge, and culture and thinks that thus he will be able to fill himself, obtain knowledge and power.

But communicating with the first nine Sefirot even egoistically, Malchut receives from them illumination, which begins to “spoil” it. On one side, it starts to understand that the higher Sefirot have nothing that it can understand, get, and become filled with. This is the conclusion that humanity draws in the course of its history.

On the other side, the received Light awakens in it a sense of its insignificance: the feeling that there is something above it, that it is controlled, and it will never take power. This way a person begins to connect with the environment more for he sees that he depends on it. And thus, he comes to correction.

But the entire correction is also within the environment, not within oneself. Everyone has only one point, and a person finds himself only by becoming included in the collective desire existing outside him.

A person understands that his “I” is not in his point, which he first wanted to raise and satisfy. To the extent he gives himself to the world, there he finds his true spiritual vessel and his real attainment. There he remains—within the others. And then he becomes independent from his starting point, as well as eternal because this point is cancelled. Thereby he reaches Infinity.

The mutual inclusion of Malchut in the first nine Sefirot occurs at all levels, and at the level of this world it is manifested as our evolution. Today, we are at a special transition: Humanity begins to switch from the feeling of inclusion of the first nine Sefirot in Malchut at its level to the inclusion of Malchut in the first nine Sefirot.

That is why we begin to understand that it is impossible to exist without the inclusion into others. We will no longer be able to live in a consumer society and will need to build new, different relations.

The same processes that occur in the world of Infinity and at every stage take place here, in this world, only in another matter.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/2011, TES

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  1. Are you saying, go from ‘the entire universe is within’ to ‘within the entire universe’ Like a cell by itself, into cells in a body?

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