Solution: “Global Game Changer”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research, world trend analytic at the Summer Trends Journal): “Celente will continue to make clear that ‘Happy Days’ will not soon be here again. He will continue to explain that, budget deal notwithstanding, no future Fed quick fixes or DC schemes can reverse the ‘Greatest Depression’ – bound economy. No bipartisan miracle will eliminate the budget or trade deficit, restore the dollar to its former glory, or bring back jobs lost to China, India, Mexico, etc. Europe’s financial crisis is equally critical.

“And the EU, IMF, and ECB rescue policies will prove as ineffective as America’s. Those warnings are not ‘alarmism’ or ‘pessimism’ they are just a matter of drawing logical conclusions from hard facts and incontrovertible data.

“Nevertheless, even with a major economic collapse ahead of us, Celente is convinced there is a basis for expecting positive global outcomes in the long-term. The potential ‘Game Changer’ lies in a widespread recognition that the Industrial Revolution mindset and policies will not, and cannot, work in a 21st century world.

“‘It’s not just Model T economics that’s outmoded, so are our approaches to education, healthcare, politics and, yes, the military,’ says Celente. ‘The old adage “Generals fight the last war” is as valid as ever. While the technology may have changed, the mindset hasn’t. The conviction that brute force can prevail in an occupied country defended by guerilla combatants has proven a multi-trillion dollar, decade-long failure. Yet even as old wars drag on with no victory in sight, new wars are started such as “Operation Odyssey Dawn” launched against Libya five months ago, a “kinetic military action” that was supposed to end in ‘day’s, not weeks.’”

My Comment: Victor Hugo once said that: “There is something mightier than all the armies of the world, and that something is an idea.” Education of the masses is needed to reveal this idea. According to Kabbalah, this is most important. As Baal HaSulam writes, we all need to sit behind school desks for a few months, and we will begin to understand our world and our state in it, and realize that we need to unite to attain equality and balance: equality between us and balance with nature. We attain eternity and perfection by carrying out these two conditions.

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