Joining Everything Into One

Dr. Michael LaitmanMy goal is to constantly reveal the extent to which I am unable to connect everything together into “one man with one heart,” and to demand the Torah whose Light reforms. This Light reaches us from the source of AB-SAG (Hochma and Bina together).

After all, we are unable to attain Keter itself, but only through our actions in the Light of Hochma and the Light of Hassidim. And all of this is revealed in ZON: in the broken and divided creature. Thus we correct ourselves each time.

This is why it is said that first of all there will be the correction of the world and only afterwards the final correction. After all, “world” means “muteness” (Elem), “concealment” (Alama), separation. The Light of One, which connects everything together and directs everything from one upper source, first of all carries out the correction and connects everything that I feel in my sensation of reality together.

And then depending on how opposite and scattered these poles are in my perception and depending on how much Light that Reforms I attract, which connects everything above their differences into One, to the extent of this gap between separation and unity, I discover the magnitude of my spiritual vessel or desire.

In this vessel I feel the power of the Light revealed as Nefesh, Ruach, Neshma, Haya, and Yechida. The kind of Light I feel depends on the difference between the broken and separated desires connected by the Light above themselves into one general intention to use themselves for the sake of bestowal.

From this we understand the meaning of “for the sake of bestowal,” which means that I can connect with someone in one action, with one goal. Egotistically, it isn’t possible to act together, with one goal. Indeed, each one wants to act for himself, to fulfill his private desires. Thus, within the ego, the concept of One cannot exist, only the concept of “many.”

If we are speaking of One, which means the connection into a single whole, the return to Him, the revelation of the One (since actually there is none else besides Him, and everything else is the worlds, “concealments”), then this concept exists only outside of the egotistic desire. That is, it exists in the desires of others, in order to connect them all by the intention to bestow together to that One.

From this picture it becomes clear that only through bestowal can we succeed in reaching common actions and reach one result from the numerous actions that aspire to unite together. This is impossible in egoistic reception, but only if we exit our egoism and move outside towards the mutual goal, outside of our personal egoistic interests.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/2011, Shamati #69

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