Getting Closer To The Center Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst we develop at this world’s level, in our egoism, when we only worry about it until we become wiser and see it as our most hateful enemy, which stands in our way.

But this is not a hindrance regarding life in this world, although here too egoism sometimes buries itself. The main point is that there are people in whom a new desire begins to grow, which is in conflict with this world and with a person’s whole life. Such people would like to disconnect from this life and rise to a different level of existence, to another reality, instead of the reality that satisfied them before.

So they enter a period called the time of preparation to enter the spiritual world (Lo Lishma – not for its sake), and begin to work on themselves by studying, the group, and a teacher. They try to enlarge the point in their heart, the first bud of the new desire, above all their egoism, above the egoistic heart.

As this new desire grows, a person begins to appreciate his new goal even more and to understand that the goal is bestowal, connection, the exit from his ego, and ascent to new desires, to connection with others. He doesn’t see his “self” any more, but the “we.” Thus, this “we” becomes so infused that the sum becomes “one.”

We aspire and yearn for this new dimension and try to rise from the egotistic level to the level of connection as we constantly increase the importance of the goal, annul ourselves and connect with others, and accept the opinion of the environment that our unity is more important than life inside our ego. The upper Light influences us in response to our efforts and advances us towards the internal change.

Eventually the internal shift, called birth in the new world, takes place, as our perception changes from receiving to bestowing. From now on we begin to see reality through the attribute of bestowal, which is totally different from our previous perception.

Now we see the same part to which we previously didn’t pay attention: the system of bestowal that exists in nature, the inner forces, the connections, the spiritual levels (Partzufim, worlds, Sefirot).

Until now, we only saw the levels of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels, and suddenly another part of reality is revealed to us, which is called the world of bestowal, the upper world. Then we begin to study this system and according to how much we join it, we enter it.

Each time as we achieve a stronger connection, the more we connect to this system, as if we are taking another step deeper into the forest, into the field of the new world. But our whole advancement is realized thanks to the connection. And so, we get to know the system of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/26/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Shalom rav vhaverim,

    Laziness is also the sensation that things occur in a natural way, apart the interference aspect. Emerging to see which sensations belongs to which world, or where I am or would be, Know dear friends that I bear with you as much as I can.

    HaKol tuv

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