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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal Hasulam, “The Freedom”: “It can be compared to a sick man who does not wish to obey the doctor’s orders before he understands by himself how that advice would cure him, and therefore begins to study medicine. He could die of his illness before he learns medicine.

Suppose I live at the end of the world in a hut in some remote village, and there are a couple of other families like me. We spend our time hunting and collecting fruit and we don’t know anything except this kind of life.

But suddenly civilized people from some developed country come to us with all kinds of instruments and tools. For me they are like wizards who came down from the sky.

The question is: Do I have to go through the entire process the way they did, or can I acquire the wisdom, reason, and feeling from them in addition to their technologically advanced products and thereby leap over centuries in my development? Is that possible?

Of course, I can learn how to use their tools. You don’t need brains for that. But we are talking about an inner development that is both emotional and cognitive: Can I try to bridge the gap between us and leap over the centuries that their country and their people have gone through?

Well, it’s possible with the help of the connection among us. Not the apparent external connection, but the true internal connection. Thus we can really pass on to one another our mind and feeling. There is no need for everyone to go through all the levels that others have passed. We don’t start from scratch, but we depend on society and on what we can acquire from it.

This is our salvation. This is how we shorten the way and hasten the development. Instead of learning from troubles, we learn from other people and acquire wisdom. Although in our world we don’t always pass on to one another a positive potential. People who are more connected to nature are actually more developed: They are more delicate, more sensitive, and closer to spirituality compared to the “civilized” world.

But the main thing is the same: We receive the reason and feeling from those we join. This is true even on this world’s corporeal level. Thus every leap in our communication, in the connection between us, is also reflected in the inner mutual cooperation. As a result, humanity develops much faster; this was revealed most prominently in the 20th century with its massive growth after ages of relatively “slow” years. All this is a result of the wires of mutual connection that have been woven among people, through which the feeling and reason are transmitted.

Accordingly, we too, by our connection to the right group, can acquire the mind and feeling of the friends and thus complete what we didn’t go through by ourselves. Actually, it makes no difference who is “small” and who is “big” among us. I acquire from them what I could never have reached by myself. I am just a point in the force field of the general system, and I acquire the whole integral system from them. If I don’t connect to them, then there is nowhere I can feel this new dimension.

So, if in our world connecting with others is beneficial to some extent, then in spirituality, it is crucial: Only thanks to it do I acquire the spiritual vessel.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/11, Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom”

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