A Law Of General Integral Literacy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will be the source of living for a person that comes to the course on integral education? How can a person provide for his family if he’s only working three hours a day? Also, how can an adult be convinced that he once again needs to be educated?

Answer: A law on integral education and work needs to be mandated, and such a law will soon be enacted and enforced. About 80% of all people will be jobless and they will need to be fed or else they will devour the remaining 20%.

For this reason, we must organize our lives in a way that will provide all the necessities for everyone; otherwise, we’ll start devouring one another. However, we secure every one’s existence under the condition that they accept the framework of working to the extent that is necessary and obligatory education.

The government will mandate this education or people could be stimulated by receiving an additional allowance for studying. All of people’s free time will now have to be filled with learning.

We can take excerpts from Baal HaSulam’s articles on history, human development, personal and social structure, and free will and make separate courses within the general integral education course. Also we can reinforce them with information from the experts on each specific subject.

The first book can serve as an introduction and provide a general overview of the course. It is as if we are talking to person on the street and giving him a detailed explanation of a new world-view. This book has to be very comprehensive, detailed, and repetitive.

Subsequent books will be study guides on specific subjects and will include material for practical implementation.
From a “Talk on Lessons About the New World”

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