612 Components Of The Upper Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe law of loving thy neighbor is based on observing 612 commandments, correcting 612 desires that become revealed in our spiritual structure. By observing them, we reach the general rule: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

612 commandments are our 612 desires that pursue the egoistic intention to please oneself. None of us can observe these 612 commandments on his own, but only by connecting with others and beginning to examine our mutual relations with one another. This is the only way to reveal all these desires.

Not a single person has the ability to observe a single commandment. This is because a commandment stems from the principle of love thy neighbor. The egoistic connection between us is called a transgression, and the altruistic connection is called a commandment. This is why one neither commits crimes nor observes commandments before he begins to connect with others. He just leads a simple beastly life, which we are not talking about here.

And egoistic desires that connect him with others only become revealed in him under the condition that he wishes to connect with them in order to use them to attain bestowal. Only then can we speak about corruption and correction.

The defect referred to as “I created the evil inclination” is a very advanced stage, when one reveals part of his 612 vices that pertain to the connection with others. And then he attains the realization of evil whereby he understands that he must correct his egoistic attitude towards others. This means to reach repentance, the “Days of Awe,” when he understands that he uses his neighbor egoistically. And then a switch happens in him, referred to as the beginning of the new year, Rosh Hashanah, which is the beginning of a new journey, when he wishes to turn his evil into its opposite.

And this is after spending a long time working in the group and understanding the need for correction. And then he gradually turns 613 transgressions into 613 commandments.

But without beginning to work in the group, he will never reveal any of his 613 transgressions. This is because all of them relate to the same principle of love thy neighbor and do not exist outside of the connection with others. This common rule includes all individual details. This is why all the types of connection that exist between us come out of the principle of love thy neighbor and pertain to our 612 actions in relation to each other, the qualities we need to correct.

We reach the common rule of loving the created beings by making individual corrections, and through it we reach love for the Creator. By correcting my 612 desires from egoism to bestowal, I reach absolute connection together with everyone, where the common rule of love thy neighbor becomes revealed. This is the preparation for the revelation of the “unifying factor,” the Creator, the so called “plus 1,” inside it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/2011, Writings of Rabash

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