Questions About Israel And The Will To Receive

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What organ of the “body” of the collective soul will Israel become? Or is it the embryo of Adam?

Answer: It will be its head since “Isra-El” means “Li Rosh” or “my head,” as said by the Creator. All people in the world who aspire to reveal the Creator belong to this part of the collective soul.

Question: Did the creation of the awareness of the existence of complimentary desires expressed as the will to give and the will to receive create egoism? Does egoism in its extreme form exhibit similarity to a singularity that, in analogy to the astrophysical “black hole,” only receives? Can the breaking out of the cage of egoism be compared with the breaking of a vessel, where the breaking of egoism is the turning of the desire to receive into the opposite desire, namely the desire to give?

Does the breaking of egoism and the combination of the desires to give (expressed by individual souls) evolve a creature that has the desire to give? Can this combinatory process be compared to the spiritual equivalent of the big bang that created the material world? Is the creation of the will to give and the will to receive the breaking of a “spiritual singularity” manifested on the human level of reality as the breaking of a material singularity (also called big bang)?

Is the purpose of our lives in our reality to drive the evolution of a spiritual reality by virtue of an individual’s intentional breaking of the vessels of egoism (imbalanced awareness of the will to give and receive)? Is an individual’s willful intent to break his own vessel of egoism similar to the original intent of the Creator creating these desires?

Answer: I’m leaving your questions, and my answer to all of them is “yes!”

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