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Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “There is no Holiness Higher than the Creator”: Most important is to reach the degree of the spiritual embryo. As in corporeality, at the time that a woman becomes pregnant, it is definite that she will also give birth. But all of the worries are that the woman needs to become pregnant. It is like this in the spiritual work. The most difficult for us is to enter the state of the spiritual embryo, that is, to receive into our desire to enjoy another desire called the desire to bestow.

When man merits to become the spiritual embryo, that is, the desire to bestow enters into the desire to receive, this means that the Creator confines one form within the other form. And it is a great innovation, an actual miracle, because it is against our nature. And only the Creator can change nature; it is not in the hands of man.

And this is indeed a great innovation for a person who discovers these changes within himself. As a person goes through these stages in spiritual work, the upper force builds in him different forms and forms within forms. As a result, when a person discovers the forms that awaken in him, he builds himself.

The upper force operates, and we are the results of its action, the Creator’s work. Our work is to try to discover His work, that is, the new forms that are created within us.

A “form” is an intention for the sake of bestowal. And afterwards, an additional form appears: the desire to receive, which adopts the form of bestowal and receives for the sake of bestowal. From the connection and inclusion between the different forms, one by one, we attain the Creator, as it is said: “By Your actions we will know You.”

All of these changes happen to our substance, and we attain them. After all, our substance is desire, thus we feel the changes that it goes through: good or bad, in relation to us or to others. In this way a person builds his responses to the forms he goes through.

The more that he raises himself above his feeling in order to be an observer who doesn’t depend upon his feelings, the faster he discovers the inner nature of this action, with no connection to the substance. This is the meaning of “faith above reason.”

If he only searches for the new forms and opens himself towards them without preventing it, but rises above his feelings and wants to discover the forms of bestowal, then he becomes the Creator’s partner in this work. And then the person begins to move with the Creator and makes exactly the same movements.

He even precedes the Creator and prepares himself in advance for all the changes that are about to happen to him each moment. This preparation accelerates his advancement and causes him to happily receive each form that comes to him, pleasant or unpleasant. Indeed, he already raised himself above his egoistic feelings and desires and now identifies only with the forms of bestowal.

This is called attaining the Masach (screen), the force of overcoming the unpleasant feelings within one’s egotistic desires.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/2011, Writings of Rabash

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