Who Said That We Must Unite?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the knowledge about unity have to come to the world from an organization that the world doesn’t understand and moreover, that is based in Israel?

Answer: It comes from people with an urgent inner desire to reveal the meaning of their lives. This aspiration allows them to reveal the program and the purpose of creation, and then realize it. These people are called “Israel” (“straight to the Creator“). This name has existed for five thousand years, and it precedes the birth of the nation of Israel.

These people spread the word of unity to the world. This is how it is.

The world is yet to understand that its anti-Semitism stems from the fact that the power to unite the whole world is contained within the nation of Israel. People don’t want to unite, and that is precisely why they hate the country and the nation of Israel. This hatred is yet to reveal itself.

Even those of us who study Kabbalah still have difficulty accepting and internalizing the words of Kabbalists. Time and time again we forget what we’ve heard. All of this must be taken into consideration when we circulate Kabbalah.

Our presentation has to be polished, sweet, and comprehensible. We shouldn’t present people with questions we can’t yet answer ourselves.

“The world must unite. This isn’t coming from us. This is something leading experts and scientists are discovering today.” We are like an advertising agency for them, and we talk about what is becoming more and more apparent. We quote specialists, famous people, politicians, journalists, and television and radio hosts. We act as their representatives without revealing the inner content right away.

The most important thing is for people to start changing, and later, when they need to, they will find their way to us.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/12/2011, “Peace in the World”

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  1. Reading this, I am recalling Babel, it is not the same thing ? let´s unite and have a name to us? please respond Dr. Laitman.

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