Dark Letters That Bring Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanAttainment is inner, and there is nothing outside of us. Everything that seemingly surrounds us is simply a temporary illusion, including this imaginary world, and even the spiritual world. But in the spiritual world we at least are aware that something only appears to be external to us because it becomes repelled by our ego.

We incorporate the desires of others into us to the extent of our ability to shade our egoism and conceal it, give it the intention for the sake of bestowal, and do it according to the principle of “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” the law of the Light.

The symbol of all these corrections is a special construction called Sukkah that shows us how to build the shadow. Our inner man will sit inside the Sukkah and take the four symbols of Sukkot with him: three that belong to Zeir Anpin (Lulav [one closed frond from a date palm tree], Hadassim [three boughs with leaves from the myrtle tree], and Aravot [two branches with leaves from the willow tree]), and the fourth one (Etrog [a fruit from a citron tree, similar to a lemon or grapefruit]) that belongs to Malchut. He will connect them together and begin to swing them: right, left, front, back, up, and down, in all six directions that correspond to the six Sefirot of Zeir Anpin (VAK). And at the same time he is inside the Sukkah where its three walls correspond to the three Sefirot of HesedGevuraTifferet (HGT). Sefira Netzah is the roof of Sukkah, and Sefira Hod is the ground.

It turns out that man unites with Zeir Anpin completely, which represents the higher qualities of bestowal to him. And when he connects with all these qualities in all the directions, meaning in all the qualities of VAK of Zeir Anpin, while he himself represents Malchut, by doing so he corrects and connects all of these qualities together.

And all this is done thanks to the shade, which can either conceal or reveal. A concealing shade is when we work against our evil inclination, the egoistic desire. And the revealing shade is when we ourselves write the letters of our work as if we were using black ink on a white background. This is how we create different forms of concealment, which are similar to the Light. Gradually, all of darkness becomes like the Light due to the creation of different shades (for example, in the form of wings).

Man does not connect to the Light but rather to its forms, and on the contrary, by concealing himself from the Light with the help of shades, he builds forms similar to the Light, to bestowal. This is our work. We work until we achieve equivalence of form and adhesion (Zivug) with the Light with the help of all the shades, all the forms of darkness, the “letters,” and collisions with the Light. And in the end all of darkness will shine like the Light.

Our work is to create forms of darkness, letter shapes, such as black lines and curves and to make them similar to the Light. This is why the symbol of all these corrections is the Sukkah covering. And all our work lies in finding out how to build this covering over us and sit in its shade, which will enable us to attain the Light. The entire Surrounding Light that reaches us and stays above the roof of the Sukkah acts in us, in the Sukkah, in a way that the forms of darkness shine like the Light to us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/12/2011, Writings of Rabash

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