The Work Of Our Forefathers And Our Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe preparations in our souls are called the “merit of the forefathers.” There are people who fulfill their free will and use the merit of the forefathers, but only in everyday corporeal matters.

If a person is more prepared, he begins to raise this merit to a moral level, to ethics. There are people who have already advanced to questions about the meaning of life and its purpose. But there are people who start asking about the innermost meaning of their lives: Who is giving me this life? Who is running my life? How can I see their goal and participate in it?

A person begins to feel that life flows independently of him, that he cannot hold onto life, feel what it is for, or who is running it. Life flows through him, but he can’t understand it, which makes him feel bad and anxious.

So he begins to search, and the search becomes the main focus of his life. Thus, he finds out about the merit of the forefathers and the preparations that have been made inside him. He understands that he has to discover them: to uncover the forces of the soul that operated in him secretly and led him without asking for his consent. He begins to feel that all the preparations were made in order to allow him to reach his root, meaning the forefathers themselves.

Every person can reach the root of his soul and everything that was done for his awakening. When he comes closer to his root, he attains the whole system through it, and in the system he discovers the upper force, the Creator.

Then he understands that the whole descent from the world of Infinity down to this world, all the preparations that were made in the root of the soul, is the work of the forefathers. Now, when a person reaches his self-realization he attains the level of the forefathers and is incorporated in them, as it is said: “When my actions will compare with the actions of my forefathers.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/2011, Writings Of Rabash

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