Questions About Studying, Perception, And Giving

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How many hours per day should be devoted to studying? Four hours or half a work day? Sometimes, I don’t want to get burnt out, and I also don’t want to leave comments on the blog all the time. How often should one participate if they are not physically in a group? Or should we just follow our hearts with it and participate when we feel like it?

Answer: It’s best to read the blog, sort the material, or comment during your free time or, at least, during the fixed hours that you decided to devote specifically to this, regardless of your mood.

Question: In the post “Kabbalists On Perception of Reality, Part 5” it says: “There is a sort of a photographic machine in our hindbrain, which portrays everything that appears to us and nothing outside of us.” What are the things then that “appear” to be outside of us?

Answer: There is nothing but desire and hence, we talk about a sensation “inside us,” in desire. We cannot talk about anything outside of desire as a “place” that exists.

Question: I want to make sure I am understanding the post “All The Difference Is In Intention” correctly.

If there is a request from the group for articles or artwork or writing, then I see that in some way I can fulfill these desires and submit something to the group. While I am doing it, I am receiving the gift of writing, art, or ability to look for articles in order to bestow, which is giving to the group. It is work to do this, but along the way, I find I enjoy giving and doing something for the group. The way that people take joy in doing a commandment. I don’t expect “a thank you” back from doing this work for the group; I don’t expect recognition for anything; I don’t even sign my name on what I submit so that I don’t get recognition, and so it is authentic giving without wanting to receive anything in return. Is this the process you are talking about?

Answer: However, you are filled with a sensation of what you have done, and this pleasure is your reward, or recognition, or …. If you truly bestowed, you would feel being filled with the Light of bestowal. But keep on doing your exercises, and the Light will come!

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  1. Thank you! This answers several questions I had. I always enjoy giving to others. It’s a good feeling. Especially if I’m doing it for the sake of doing it, and not for any other reasons.

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